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A day in Zurich

90% chance I'm coming home.

sunny 18 °C

The city is pretty small. I’ve been able to walk instead of using the trolley system. Apparently the Swiss don’t invest in street signs, but I get by. Today I visited the Swiss National Museum, lake Zurich, and Zurich University. Very few people speak English fluently. Most people speak German. However there are also people that speak French and Italian. All information literature is in German, English, Italian and French.

It’s not dark until about 9pm. I’m not exactly used to that. My hotel is situated between the Limmat river, the train station, and the university. It’s great for exploring the city. Most of the people in the local coffee shops and pubs are college students. I liked Zurich, but ready for the next destination Rome. I depart tomorrow at 07:40am. I’ve finally figured out how to insert photos today I included a picture of Lake Zurich, The skyline from Zurich University, the Swiss National Museum, and a picture of the main university building.

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Lake Zurich

Skyline from University Cafeteria

Swiss National Museum

Zurich University

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Switzerland home of the 8 dollar coffee

95% chance I`m coming home

overcast 16 °C

Arrived in Zurich 10am local time in one piece. Don't have the swiss power adapter yet will post pics later.

Fraumunster Church

Zahringer Street hotels, shops, and restuarants

Limmat River looking South. Grossmunster church to the left

View from my hotel room

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98% chance I'm coming home

-17 °C

Below is my itinerary for the Eurotrip

Depart LAX 8:40am

9-11-07, 9-12-07 Zurich Switzerland
Arrive Zurich 7:50am

9-13-07, 9-14-07, 9-15-07, 9-16-07 Rome, Italy
Travel to Rome – train

9-17-07, 9-18-07, 9-19-07, 9-20-07
Travel to Athens
Arrive Athens 12:05pm

9-21-07, 9-22-07, 9-23-07
Travel to Munich
Arrive Munich 11:30am

Travel to Zurich - Train

Arrive LAX 5:40pm

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